Thomas Arboriculture

Why is tree care so important?

There are many reasons why taking good care of your trees is so important to the life and preservation of the tree. Long term care is a long term investment but vital in maximising the benefits that trees have to offer. Maintaining your trees also helps to protect surrounding infrastructure, maintaining public safety and the protection against the spread of invasive pests. A little bit of care now can prevent huge headaches down the track!

By maintaining your trees and shrubs, you are helping to manage risks and hazards. Key areas to keep an eye on include making sure no overgrown branches impact your property or surrounding infrastructure, such as power lines and fences. Additionally, this minimizes the risk of injury or even death from fallen branches and trees to your family, neighbours and pets. For peace of mind, ensure that all branches on your property are adequately maintained and assessed regularly.

Aside from safety, there are many other important reasons to take care of your trees and make sure that they are pruned properly. Dead and decaying branches can spread disease to the healthy parts of the tree. Therefore, removing these limbs can positively impact the health of the overall tree. You might not know what to look for, and this is where a qualified arborist comes in. Highly educated in all areas of tree care, an arborist is able to assess your trees and locate underlying issues that you might not be aware of, including soil decay, disease and infestation.

Finally, maintaining your trees and shrubs also helps to keep your gardens looking great and keeps the neigbours on their toes! There’s no greater feeling than having the best looking garden in the street! Let us help you make that a reality!

The exceptional FNQ team of specialist vegetation managers at Thomas Arboriculture provide a large number of services to meet your every arboriculture need, including:

  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Evacuation and earthworks
  • Tree removal and pruning
  • Landscaping and retaining walls
  • Mulching and wood chip supply
  • Tree planting
  • Cyclone and storm cleanup